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waiting for the check to arrive

May 3rd, 2006 at 10:16 am

So here it is May 3rd. Up until yesterday I had $27.30 left. Both boys brought home their grade report sheets and both boys brought all of their grades up to C's and above. My oldest boy is mildly autistic but is doing well in public school. So I rewarded them with $2 each, dropping my savings down to $23.30.

No matter. When I get the check today, I will be adding $50 back to it, bringing it up to $73. And my oldest son's teacher will be sending home the leftover $5 that I sent her to cover the cost of a special sporting event my son participated in and won a bronze, silver, and gold medal for. That will bring my total up to $78.30, still leaaving me $22 short of my original goal for May, which was $100.

However, I have done some careful research online and think I have found a legitimate publisher where I can get my booklet of animal poems published. And also a couple of BBB, top rated survey sites where I can earn a little side money. I'm still checking into those a little more before I actually sign up.
I'd really like to make my goal of $100 for this month.

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