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staying on target

May 7th, 2006 at 04:58 pm

Today I went to the local dollar store on my bike to get supplies to do a candy card for my soon to be 14 year old. Also had to get cookies and soda pop for his special ed class and a six pack of fruit punch for my 11 year old's field day tomorrow.

I had $10 put aside, sealed and labeled in a small envelope for just this purpose. I had originally projected $6.90 and ended up spending $6.81. So I had $3.19 left over to bring back home. I placed $2.25 in my oldest son's spending jar bring that to a total of $5 for his trip to Silver Dollar City next week for his field trip. That left me with 94 cents to add back to my own savings, bringing it up to $65.44.

Wow! I think I'm starting to get it about being frugal, meeting or exceeding my projected money targets. I'm proud of myself right now.

1 Responses to “staying on target”

  1. spendless Says:

    Very disciplined spending. Way to go.

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