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update on my boys savings

May 8th, 2006 at 04:15 pm

I'm pleased with both my boys. My 14 year old recieved his birthday money on the 3rd when I cashed the check. I had to firmly remind him a few times about not going into his savings, but he did hold on to $5.03. Then he added the $14 to his savings bringing it up to $19.03. He has figured out on his own that if he adds x amount to his spending jar, as well as places his automatic $2.50 into his savings jar, then he will build his amount of spending money and won't be tempted to go into his savings. This from my autistic son who has also been a big spendthrift. I still have to work with him about saving.

My 10 year old told me he does a better job on his savings if he has quarters.
So...automatic $2.50 into his long term savings, $3.50 into his short term savings jar, and $2.50 in dimes into his spending jar. lol This financial sharpness from my youngest who used to be a big spendthrift. I love it. However, I am still working with him to get him to understand that even though he saves for a specific item, that he needs to save more than just the required amount so that he will have money left in his savings to build on.

What an improvement from 3 years ago when I tried giving them allowances.

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